Below are some of our satisfied Clients Testimonials

I have known Tony Lewis on a professional basis for over fifteen years, and have had considerable ongoing dealings with him.

We work on the financial affairs, business affairs and general accounting requirements of a number of mutual clients.

I have found Tony to be a conscientious, professional and proactive person, with a good eye for detail. His extensive prior experience with a publicly listed banking institution has set him in a good stead for his financial management role with his company, Jaguar Accounting Services Pty Ltd and its clients.

Our mutual clients speak highly of Tony and Jaguar and his genuine interest in the success of their business operations. I recommend him to my clients in need of the services provided by his company.

I look forward to continuing our association.

Simon Hillier


As a practicing tax accountant, I know how vital it is to keep your business records in check and to keep the bookkeeping up to date.

Tony Lewis, Director of Jaguar Bookkeeping, has been in the business for many years (and I have known him for many years!). Tony and his team’s experience and qualifications ensure that your bookkeeping records are maintained accurately and reporting needs are professionally kept up to date at all times.

This assists us greatly in the provision of our mutual client’s annual financials and other ATO and statutory reporting requirements.

We have been using Jaguar Bookkeeping for the past 5 years.

Working with Jaguar has allowed me time to focus on my business rather than it, and because of that my business and turnover has grown which is important in these economic times.

I am confident that my books are being kept accurately, and appreciate the prompt, efficient and accurate services provided. Tony’s assistance in monitoring of our cash flow assists me with ensuring that statutory requirements and our GST liabilities are always covered and payments are made on time.

Jaguar is also able to do more than bookkeeping and processes the real estate settlements and associated paperwork in our MYOB. In this time he has picked up some errors of mine collecting outstanding fees, I was able to recover these in a timely fashion saving me thousands.

Confidentiality and trustworthiness are essential in this industry and Tony and his team can be relied upon to maintain high standards of care. Tony is always available when I need and offers business advice which I also value, as he is a fully qualified Accountant.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tony and the team at Jaguar to any business looking for a reliable, qualified and experienced bookkeeping service. I will continue to use their services over the coming years as it is great value for money.

We are a large national Insurance Brokerage that deals with significant Corporate clients and that keeps us very busy. In providing the highest quality customer service to our clients we don’t always have time to ensure that our bookkeeping requirements, maintenance and review of our budgets and debtor control are being managed as effectively and efficiently as we need.

Also, ensuring that our payroll records are effectively maintained and that staff are paid accurately and on time is a priority.

We needed a partner in the business to help us with these tasks and Jaguar Accounting Services through their Managing Director, Tony Lewis supports us by effectively undertaking these and other support activities for us. More than that, Tony is a vital member of the team providing sound advice on IT, sales budgets and staff issues. Most importantly he consults one-on-one to me on the areas where the business is doing well and not so well, where we need to improve our activities and provides recommendations in these discussions.

He also provides advice on my business and is a sounding board for various initiatives which we develop. An Insurance Brokerage is a high pressure business – fires one day, floods the next and we need to rely on Tony to have our back in supporting our activities and I am pleased to say that he has done so for the past 10 years.

I expect a lot from people I deal with and I have never had a complaint with Tony’s work. I highly recommend him and Jaguar as a professional, experienced bookkeeping and administrative services provider.

We have been using Jaguar Bookkeeping to help with our bookkeeping for the past 5 years. We are very happy with the job that Jaguar has provided, and our productivity and profitability have increased greatly due to our ability to focus on our business rather than trying to do our own bookkeeping.

I needed help with the bookkeeping as I was quite busy with the running of the business, and when we changed our premises, Jaguar’s support was invaluable. I feel so much more organised and in control than I have before, and you certainly do make my life a lot easier.

Jaguar is also flexible with our changing business needs, and our payroll is now outsourced to them. This is one less worry as all I need to provide are the timesheets and payroll is processed and paid in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend Jaguar to anyone looking for a reliable, experienced and professional bookkeeping service. I am also looking forward to our continued working relationship well into the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jaguar and its staff who have, over a number of years provided us with an outstanding service.

When I took over the newsagency business 7 years ago, I found that didn’t have the time to do my own bookkeeping effectively even though I had done so in my previous businesses. I was glad to be referred to Tony at Jaguar Bookkeeping. Working with Jaguar allowed us to improve the financial systems that we inherited, and we now receive and discuss monthly reports that show us how the business is going.

Jaguar has taken over all the processing of our accounts and monthly reconciliations, so all we need to do is pay our suppliers knowing that these are correct. This allows me to focus on my day-to-day growing of the business and working with Jaguar to review our progress and financial position on a regular basis.

It has now come time to sell my business, and I will contract Jaguar to provide bookkeeping services with any new ventures. Thanks also for your help in getting my books organised for the sale of my business.

I appreciate your support over the years, and I will be certain recommend Jaguar to my business associates.

Jaguar was introduced to us by our External Accountant after it became evident that our accounting records had been poorly maintained by our previous in-house accountant.

Jaguar took control of the function and as a result of their involvement reconstructed our accounting records for the previous 18 months enabling the true financial position of our business to become evident.

Now an integral part of our day to day operation, Jaguar manages our financial position, debtors and creditors and liaisons with Statutory entities, our Bankers and financiers.

As a result of their involvement we have seen a dramatic improvement if our cash flow management and the recovery of previously long outstanding debts.

As part of our management team, regular input and consulting by Jaguar has assisted in achieving our new business objectives and the setting of the foundation for our on-going growth.

We have no hesitation in recommending the experienced and qualified team at Jaguar to any business.

Michael Gilroy

RESA was established in 2007 to promote jobs and careers in the mining and oil and gas industries in South Australia. We work with many of the major resources companies, universities and TAFE colleges to deliver education, training and research projects which require high levels of financial reporting and accountability to ensure they are well managed and delivered on time and on budget.

Jaguar has been the principal provider of all of our internal budgeting, accounting and financial management & reporting needs during this time and has proven to been an outstanding high quality partner. We would highly recommend Jaguar and its staff if you are in need of any of these services.

Steve Beere,
Chief Executive Officer

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